Salon Nouveau
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 Rod Wetzel
I am the MAN. I enjoy being the only male stylist at Salon Nouveau, it allows me to be around women all day without expectations from any of them after I go home.

I absolutely love doing hair. Above all else, I like to educate my clients on how to keep their hair healthy. The integrity of the hair should never be compromised. I will give a strict hair care regimen to each of my clients based on their needs.

Many a head has come into the salon looking tired, dull or damaged, and leaves the Salon a gorgeous healthy shiny masterpiece. If you have hair that is damaged or over-processed, I'm your man, and I can have you looking spectacular in just a short time whether you have a ton of hair, or just a teaspoon of hair.

Alison has dubbed me the Salon Nouveau resident music specialist, and I've compiled lists of tunes which accommodate everyone's taste here. I pride myself in my ability to pick out just the right mix of music based on the mood at the Salon at the current moment.

I love to cook, and I'm usually seen bringing food into the salon and giving spoonfuls of it away to whoever is present and watching me eat.