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   Sue Stalsonburg, Manager
About Salon Nouveau
Salon Nouveau ownership changed hands in 2006 and was  purchased by Sharon Alison Potter. It grew quickly, and within one year it had tripled in size. We moved from the original location on Breton and 32nd in Kentwood, to our beautiful new and  much bigger salon right around the corner at 2455 29th St SE, in Grand Rapids MI. The move was a good choice as it allowed us ample enough space to allow for more services and also private room service options. 

It is our mission that every client deserves to look and feel the best that they possibly can. We are unique, in that we provide stylists from many ethnic backgrounds and are therefore able to offer a broad variety of hair services no matter what type of hair you have. 

Laughter is commonly heard while in this modern  multicultural "big city" style salon. We have a lot of fun here and we produce some of the most creative and imaginative styles you will find in Grand Rapids. Happy stylists make beautiful results a reality. 

Salon Nouveau is also a participant in the non profit organization Children With Hairloss. We volunteer our time to give children free natural human hair wigs when they have lost their hair due to illness, injury or auto immune disease. We work closely with Helen DeVos Childrens Hospital who refer many children to us for our services. 

Sue Stalsonburg is a undeniable genius when it comes to managing stylists and other aspects of the business. She is most often seen at the reception desk at Salon Nouveau, and has the uncanny ability to juggle dozens of things at once, accomplishing all of them efficiently and quickly, and never loses her cool.
It's a difficult job to manage artists. We all have our own ideas and big dreams and Sue is there to support us all whenever we need her.
She is often observed socializing with the clientele who have come to adore her as well. Clients are greeted quickly, and usually by their first names. How she remembers all of the clients names is beyond our understanding. There are hundreds. Again, we suppose, she is a genius. 
She has become an integral part of Salon Nouveau and we are unaware of anyone who doesnt like her. She is adored by all. If you do know someone who doesnt like Sue, please let us know, we would like to break her perfect record! Probably underpaid and definitely overworked, she sticks around because she loves each and every one of us in her own heartwarming way. We have as a group and as a business become her home away from home
Salon Nouveau
2455 29th st SE suite D
Kentwood, MI 49512

(one block east of Breton)
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