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My introduction to the world of cosmetology began when I was selected as a hair model for Ruth Roche, who is a New York based stylist, owner of RARE NYC, and an icon in the hair industry. I learned to be open to the endless creativity that this field offers.  I was a model with Ruth for three years and found that giving someone a simple change in hair color could inspire change in the way that person feels about themselves, offering confidence and higher self-esteem. After obtaining my license I worked  backstage as an assistant stylist for the Maly's hair shows and found my passion.  
 I am a diverse stylist specializing in natural hair care, coloring, Brazilian Blowout treatments, and all forms of hair extensions.  I am experienced in all hair textures from fine and thin, to extremely thick and overly curly.  I care about the integrity of all my clients' hair and strive to offer exceptional customer service to everyone I meet.

I am creative and enthusiastic about my work,I believe in customer satisfaction and I am a strong believer in "customer service".  If you would like something new, unique, and avant-garde or you're just looking for someone to care for your hair....I'm your girl!!

Rae Stewart
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