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I am a diverse stylist, specializing in natural hair care, coloring, the Brazilian Blowout treatment, and all forms of hair extensions. I am experienced in all hair textures from fine to thin, to extremely thick and overly curly hair but don't keep looking at your may be here for a while...we will just order a pizza.


My introduction to the art of hairdressing began when I was selected as a hair model for Ruth Roach, who has a salon in New York City. I learned to be open for anything and left hair shows with mosaic triangles of wild colors in my hair many times. Wow!

I was a model for two years for Ruth and found that giving somebody something new changed their feelings and made them feel more confident about themselves. The back stage experience was incredible...powerful, and I loved it! Doing hair became my passion!

I am creatiive and enthusiastic about my work and I believe in customer satisfaction. I love socializing with the clients. I'm fairly new at Salon Nouveau and already I am comfortable with everyone. When I say fairly new, I don't mean that you are in danger...I have plenty of experience in the industry so you shouldn't be trembling or biting fingernails in my chair. If you would like something new, unique, and avantgarde....I'm your girl!!
About Rae Stewart