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 Leslie Kamyszek
I've been doing hair for over 30 years, and I've been with Salon Nouveau for 7 years. I absolutely love doing colors, cuts and perms. I was in the 4th grade when I decided this would be my occupation. When I had my hair done or went to a salon at that age, I would just watch everybody doing hair and be so intrigued by it all. 

I reception at Salon Nouveau on Tuesdays, and can often be seen tossing unnecessary clutter into the trash. I like things clean and simple. Why these people have so much stuff I will never understand. 

I have an identical twin sister which is often times mistaken for me. I'm constantly greeted in public as "Lisa" and I'll pretend to know who said hello. Lisa does the same. We got tired of explaining and so now we just play along.

After 30 years in the industry I've decided I no longer want to do hair on the weekends. Instead, without exception, I'll be in my RV up north with my husband and family, enjoying the summer and sunshine. I've earned the right!