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 Erin VanHam
I've wanted to do hair since I was 9 or 10 years old. Growing up and being stuck with 4 sisters made it necessary to love doing hair. I would braid my sister's hair for school and naturally became accustomed to making hair look beautiful. 

As time went on I started playing with hair color. After I became a little more brave, I unintentionally turned their hair pink and purple a couple of times, and we had to pay a lot to have it corrected in the salon. It was then that I decided maybe going to hair school to learn how to do it properly was a good idea .

My favorite thing to do now is up-do's and dramatic color changes on clients. I've been doing hair for 9 years now and I love how you can change someone's appearance so quickly by just something as simple as a foil placed here or there. 

If you see me walking through the salon, I will be the one with the fun colors in my hair. Rest assured however, that the bright pinks and purples that you see in my hair now.....were put there intentionally!!! If you are ready for a creative change....I'm your girl!