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 ​Yolanda Cordele
I've always been a believer "That a body should feel good to live in."  So my goal as a massage therapist is to engage the body's own healing abilities, to gain proper resting length on opposing muscle groups.

Daily living can take it's toll on the muscle structure.  So it's critical to help my clients understand why they hurt.  It's like helping someone find the key that unlocks that "Aaa-ha" moment.  From that moment on my clients will have the knowledge to accomplish and enjoy living in their body.

"Yolanda takes the time to get to know what you want in a massage. She spends extra time on the areas that need more attention.  She also gave me stretches to do at home to keep my muscles loose."

-Penny Chamberlain
"Yolanda is very knowledgeable on the functions of the body, always willing to explain how the muscles work and how to relax them.  After a massage relaxed and have increased range of motion."

-Dawn Stewart
"Yolanda has made me feel at ease after my neck surgery.  She is highly educated in the functions of the muscles and ways to stretch the muscles in order to relax them to increase my range of motion."

-Linvell Ezell Jr.