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Red light therapy is a skin care treatment offered as an alternative to Physician administered laser therapy. It treats skin discoloration, lightens age spots, reduces wrinkles, remediates eczema, clears acne, reduces the appearance of rosacea and heals scarring. 

The FDA does approve of light therapy and says that use of red light at 633 nm has a “non significant risk” status and is completely safe for the eyes, and uses no harmful UV rays.

There are two kinds of red light therapy that are frequently confused. One is offered at tanning salons in their beds and also at exercise facilities. Those types of red light therapy use infra red rays which are heat sources and you cannot get them as close to the skin as they need to be to be useful to the skin, though they can be useful for joint pain relief. The second kind of red light therapy used is LED light therapy technology. This is the kind Salon Nouveau is offering and there is virtually no heat involved. To stimulate collagen, a very specific frequency of red light must be used from the light spectrum. Tanning bed red bulbs are 633 nm. Our LED bulbs are 700 nm, exactly the part of the red spectrum that is needed to be absorbed through all the layers of the skin, reaching down to the mitochondria in the bottom layer of the dermis. This layer of the skin is responsible for producing collagen and elastin which keep the skin looking young. With age, the body is less able to produce collagen and elastin, so stimulating the mitochondria there is clearly rejuvenating. The LED bulbs can penetrate to a depth of 10 mm, reaching all the way to the bottom of the dermis to the fatty layer, which also makes it beneficial as a natural anti-inflammatory treatment, leaving sagging skin plumped, radiant and glowing. To have red light therapy be effective, the bulbs must be very close to the skin, just another reason tanning bed bulbs will not be efficient.
The first 3 or 4 treatments should be closer together with following treatments once or twice a week until the desired effect is achieved. The therapy should be maintained so that the results are lasting, with treatments as needed once or twice a month depending on your skin condition and age.