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 Children With Hairloss
She walked in slowly, parents and sibling by her side, and mustered up the sweetest smile she could deliver. The sadness is there in her eyes, but she is putting on a brave front for all around her. To the average passerby she appears to be a usual teenage girl, wearing trendy clothes, makeup, accessorized and ready to face the world. There is just one thing missing. She removes her hat and exposes her bare scalp, she has lost her hair due to illness, injury, or auto immune disease. 

Her confidence fades a little as we discuss her situation, but she begins to smile again after I share the fact that there is a non profit organization called Children With Hairloss, who will give her, free of charge, a beautiful human hair wig. As she looks at the color samples, I measure her head and sometimes do a plaster cast molding or a tape molding of her head. I bring out a sample of the hair she will recieve to help acclimate her to what she can expect. Sometimes she decides on a color similar to her own, and sometimes she will choose a color just for fun, something unusual, because after all, its a perfect time to try something new.

I have the pleasure of meeting all these wonderful girls and volunteer my time to cut, color, and design the wigs to fit their heads. It is sometimes challenging and heart wrenching, but for the majority of the girls, it is a lot of fun. They leave with a new spring in their step and stop to glance at themselves in the tall mirrors near the front door of the Salon. It is a new experience for these girls, but it is one that they gladly welcome, as it renews some of the self esteem and confidence they lost at the time that their hair fell out.Usually they give me a hug before they leave, and Im left with the lasting feeling of satisfaction for helping out in just a small way. 

Children With Hairloss was founded by Regina Villemure, who watched her niece lose her hair at a very young age. She has a heart of gold and  believes that all children are equal and regardless of parental income, children all  deserve to have hair free of charge. The headquarters are in South Rockwood, MI, near Detroit. Children With Hairloss is funded strictly through grants, fundraising events, and donations. Thousands of heads have been covered with hair because of Regina's dream.  I watched my mother lose her hair, due to cancer treatments, and it has been one of the driving forces in my decision to join Children With Hairloss in their mission to cover young heads and heal young hearts.Grown men have been known to get teary eyed when they observe from some other part of the salon, what is happening in my corner. It is there, in that corner, that smiles are returned and the efforts of so many hair donors come to fruition. 

If you have long hair and would be willing to donate it, there are a few requirements. Hair must be 8 inches or longer, in good condition, and must be cut dry and bunched in a ponytail or braided. You can rely any of the professionals at Salon Nouveau to bring your hair to me, and I will send the hair where it needs to go to be used in the making of a childrens wig. 

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