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Sharon "Alison" Potter
As a Stylist for 25 years, I've seen a lot of hairstyles come and go.  I've learned that all previous trends from years ago come full circle with some modern twists added just for the sake of freshness. I'm confident in my ability to give my clients the look they want, and also am able to almost perfectly duplicate any picture brought into the salon and recreate it on the client, provided they have the type of hair that would support that style.

 I like to look at the client and have a detailed consultation before I even get started. For example, there are certain styles that thick hair wont support, or curly hair, perhaps. You can bet I'm going to be painfully honest about what is possible for me to accomplish with your type of hair, thickness, texture etc. I'm a beautician, not a magician. Also, the style needs to be reasonable enough for you , the client, to go home and be able to reproduce on your own. I look at facial bone structures and features  and will make recommendations about styles that would be the most flattering for you.

My happiest and most loyal clients are the type that sit down at my styling chair and tell me to do whatever I think would look best on them. When they let go of their fears, it leaves me wide open to be my most creative. Often times my best and most remarkable and praise-worthy styles are created by being allowed to do exactly that...use my creative side and my extensive experience to make the most beautiful you.

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